Basic Skincare You Need To Know

Skin care always comes first before or after you apply makeup. Let’s see how we can learn more about our skin as well as to perfect the base for gorgeous looking skin .

What does you acne indicate?

Lower jaw- hormonal changes

Around your lips- lip products like balms, exfoliators etc. Using natural products can help reduce the chances.

Cheeks dirty palms, pillow cases as well as hormonal changes.

Forehead/Hairline stress, tension, hair products and appliances

How to maintain a proper skin without investing into a lot of products

  • Always use mild soaps. They prevent your face from feeling stripped and maintaining the natural oil balance of your face, thereby preventing acne. Washing your face minimum twice helps to keep your skin clean. Avoid touching your face.
  • Do not overexfoliate. This can damage your skin especially to sensitive skin types.
  • Never leave masks on for a long time. They can clog your pores, the optimum time is 6-8 minutes. Using natural face masks that can be made at home give best results over time.
  • Let your skin breath once in a while. This is very important especially while you sleep. It opens up your pores giving you better skin the next day. Unless they are spot treatments.
  • Proper food and sleep is equally important. Your skin reflects upon the type of lifestyle you follow. Drinking plenty of water can give you the glow you need and maintain your metabolism gradually.

These are some of the tricks I’ve been following to keep up with my healthy skin. Do follow them and let me know about your results!


14 thoughts on “Basic Skincare You Need To Know

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  1. Love the concluding image! Gives me summery vibes which I LOVE. Skin used to be a huge issue for me, but now I have established a good routine and I feel more confident with a few spots here and there. I opt for Simple products however I’m looking to invest in a more ethical brand. Moisturisers were a game changer personally, and I feel so much better now I use them! I do notice that when I’m anxious spots break out over my forehead, also when I eat dairy. So I have to look after my mental health to have good skin! It’s a reminder, I suppose. Hope you’re well. Keep safe ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. A warm hello to you once again Erin! Very happy to hear you found the routine that works best for you as it is the most difficult step in skin care to achieve. Simple products and really good and I’ve heard a lot of positive comments on how clean they are! Keep it going and stay positive and everything will fall into their place. Hope you are doing well too. Much loveโค!

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      1. That’s so kind, Ana! Finding a routine was difficult at first but now it’s an unbreakable habit. Simple is quite sustainable, which is awesome. However I’m not confident in the ethics. I’ll have to look into it!

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  2. Hey thanks so much for this. I seriously needed this. Any tips on facial hair growth. It really annoying


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