June Journal

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Today was my birthday. A very happy one. Some of my close friends had done something so special for me as well. I couldn’t be anymore grateful. Every year I try to journal my thoughts down, but this year I thought of switching things up and sharing it with you.

I’ve always wanted to start this blog and I am so glad that I did. I’ve learned more, educated myself more and most importantly learnt something new. I had never mentioned it to anyone that I would do so because I felt it was my little idea but I guess I was wrong :p

All this time, spending at home has made me realise who the real ones are and who could just turn your story around and be a traitor. Well if you are, I hope that you found your peace in doing so. If you’ve always stood by, know you’re worth it and you deserve every little happiness in this world.

It is my final year in high school and I couldn’t really spend it the way I wished to. Just to look at those random faces once again and to actually bid goodbye to those whom I would really miss looking at every single day. I just want to do my finals really good and not worry anybody about it. I also want to keep this blog going and give it the best. For once. Thank you so much to those who took time to read this today. You’ve really made my day. And thank you to those who made this day really memorable. I may not show but I really am. Truely.

When is your birthday? What are your goals and plans for the next year? Until then


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  1. Happy (slightly belated) birthday! 😊💜 it’s nice to meet you! Blogging is so fun 💕 I’ve been doing it for a long time although I just started my current blog in May. 🙂

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