5 Easy Tips To Prevent Greasy Hair| Collab with KittyJadeblog

Welcome back to my blog you guys and thank you so much for all the love in the previous post! Truly never felt more loved. Today I am very happy to announce my first collab with Erin from kittyjadeblog. Erin is known for her lifestyle and positivity tips, So she is here to guide you through some ways to prevent that greasy hair for your bad hair days.

Personally, I used to have sticky and oily hair throughout my middle school and partly in my high school days ( time where me and my mum finally came to agreement haha) so I could relate to her ways in a spiritual level šŸ™‚

Kind of scrunchies Catherine recommends

Tips And Tricks:

  • Tying it back when you sleep Not many people are aware of this tip but it is so useful! Do not be too tight perhaps just tie away the top half of your hair with scrunchies.
  • Face oilsThey often distribute themselves onto the hair and vice versa, therefore making it oily. Keeping your hair away from your face at night saves your skin and your scalp.
  • Train your hairThere are an abundance of Youtube videos you can watch for this. The most simplest is to wash your hair less. Washing your hair strips it of oils so your scalp overproduces oils to compensate .Washing your hair less will feel disgusting at first but slowly your hair will get used to it. At the greasy stage? Wear plaits! Plaits are a life saver for greasy hair. They look stylish, they leave your hair in waves and they don’t show the grease. The grease looks more like styling gel than unattractive oil. If your hair is long enough I highly recommend it.
  • Use less shampoo A small pound sized amount is enough. Soap suds are just an illusion, and you don’t need to build up a big lather to clean thoroughly. As I previously mentioned, shampoo strips the hair of its natural oils. The more shampoo you use, the worst it becomes.
  • Don’t brush itBrushing your hair is quite unnecessary You will have to do it every now and then, With long hair especially . When your hair feels on the drier side you can brush. However when the scalp gets greasy you need to stop it! It distributes oil throughout the hair which you don’t need. Brush your hair starting from the bottom and working your way up ( with a wooden brush) Wood absorbs grease whereas plastic clings on to it and releases it on the tips. Try to brush it as little as possible.

And there you are! 5 Easy and Simple ways to take care of greasy hair. Thank you so much Erin for all of this. Do check out her blog and Instagram for some amazing reference to books, lifestyle, baking and much much more. So grateful that I got to do my very first collab with you!

You can view my half of the collab regarding 5 Ways To Share Your Support In The Black Lives Matter Movement ( click here to view) on her blog. It is really important to keep on educating ourselves. Also take a look at the resource sites she has linked as well. Looking forward to having a discussion with all of you in her comments section.

What hair type do you have? Let us know if these tips were helpful to you in any way. Until then,


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  1. Love Erin- she’s amazing! I definitely have greasy hair too and using less shampoo really does help. Washing it every other day or even twice or three times a week instead of every day helps me manage the greasiness as well.


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