How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer| How to smell better

Every year I make resolutions in my head but never ones that I cannot keep up till the end. It usually involves small and easy ones with which I can be really consistent with. One of them in the year 2017 was to smell better. The smell that you give to others can make a huge impression about yourself because every individual has a unique scent.

One of the most important things I had growing up in an Indian family was to always smell good especially when we had people around. It was never about yourself either but your surroundings too.

Due to this I had taken up to find even more improved ways other than the usual method of spritzing yourself with a perfume bottle. It was done to enhance myself to smell better and not gonna lie but these tricks have worked pretty good for me . So let’s get started!

Tips & Tricks:

  1. Identify the pulse points– the skin on the pulse points and warmer due the steady beat of our heart. These areas generally give a prolonged effect to your perfume and make it last. It is usually your wrist, your neck or even your ears.
  2. Always carry a mini one– no matter if it is a deodorant or perfume, always carry their mini one around in your bag. So after a long day of work you can still smell good.
  3. Be consistent with the fragrance– Body shop and Bath and body works come with a range of different fragrances with perfumes as well as lotions in it. Always use the same fragrance or even a similar on which matches your moisturizer. This helps to make your perfume stronger. Buying the whole range helps in the long run.
  4. Wear according to the occasion- In case you are working out or doing jobs that require heavy duty, wearing stronger ones in that time is helpful but do not wear the same one in case you are going to dinner parties or anywhere out in the evening. Keeping your fragrance sublte in those times are important.
  5. Do not close the pores– the pores in your armpits produce foul smell due to the formation of bacteria. These are times where people immediately apply deo or perfumes. Stop it right now. Not only is it unhealthy but it clogs your pores even more. Use body wipes in case you are out or it if you’re at home clean the area and later apply.

And that’s all guys! Easy right? Just an amateur still so let me know in case I am wrong about any of the tips πŸ˜Š

These are some handmade soaps with transparent ingredients made by my dear friend on my birthday. You can check them out here

Having the right fragrance has not only let me smell good but also gives me the confidence to walk into any crowded room. Really hope it helps you and comment below if you’ve tried any of these out!

My favourite fragrance is β€˜thousand wishes’ by Bath and Body Works. What’s yours?

In case you would like to get your own fragrant hand made soaps, Click the button below and support small businesses! You can personalize it too❀

Until then, xoxo

21 thoughts on “How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer| How to smell better

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  1. I am glad that you said about the issue of not closing your pores, because I have seen people giving tips on how to do this in the past, and have been thinking that surely this cannot be healthy. And thankyou for the other tips :))

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  2. I didn’t know some of these, I especially wasn’t aware of the closing of your pores one! Thank you for sharing. I will be using these ideas! Usually I just spritz a bit of body mist on my clothes but sometimes I will be a bit more careful. Awesome post! x


  3. Great tips. I would to like to add another one or two. First: be okay with poor performing fragrance. Its all about the scent and not the lasting power. Second, buy Molecule 01 and 02. They work great as perfume boosters! πŸ™‚

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    1. Hello there! Thank you so much for reading, really glad you liked it!
      I love your tips, will surely remember them in the future. Thank you so much for the information.
      Hope you have a good day!


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