Get The Look-Pink cornered eyes

Hey you guys! I am very sorry for putting up this post after a very long time as I was super busy and did not want to do anything in haste. Today, I am going to start these new series on my blog called ‘Get the look’ where I’ll be selecting an image of either a celebrity or an Instagram make up artist’s look and try to recreate it using simpler methods and products that we already have. So let’s get started!

To start my series, I am going to begin with the very well known, Kylie Jenner. Kylie had her own makeup line at a very young age and is also on the Forbes list too. Despite all the struggles she’s gone through she is a bosswoman and I look up to this queen everyday.

Source: pinterest

Let’s begin with some easy eyeshadow looks and this is one of the many she had done on tour which I love.It is super simple and easy to recreate and I had personally tried this out. It is very helpful if you want to switch up your everyday eyeshadow look. Without further ado, let’s get into it.


  1. Prep your eyes using any base you like and start by taking a brown eyeshadow powder and start blending it over your eyes.
  2. Now take a darker brown and blend it in your crease to add some depth. Go along with the shape of your eyes.
  3. Take a small brush and dip it into your brown power and create an outer v.
  4. Take a little bit of concealer/ foundation and blend it in your eye lids to make it brighter. Now take a black eyeliner and draw a very bold winged liner along the shape of your eyes.
  5. Take some very bright pink eyeshadow and apply it to your inner corners. Finish it off with some false lashes if you have any or click here to create a dramatic lash effect using your mascara.

Tips and tricks:

  1. This look goes really well with nude pink or brown lip.

And that’s it. 5 easy steps to achieve this look. Let me know what you think about it incase you’ve tried it out and also about these series.

Also I refurbished my whole blog and added some new elements. I am totally digging the whole grey and black classic theme. Comment down your thoughts about it below!

Until then,


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    1. Hey! Thank you so much for your response. Very glad that you liked it! If you are looking for something of the high end, I would suggest Huda Beauty’s rose gold pallet or if you are looking for something drugstore type, Maybelline’s lemonade craze eyeshadow pallet too has a good popping pink! Let me know incase you require any other suggestion, more than willing to help🀍

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