All About Lips

I very badly wanted to wait to write this post but omg I can’t anymore! Today I am going to talk about a major inspiration as to what got me into makeup. My lips. When I was younger, my lips was a part of my body I was most insecure about. Sounds weird right? But no, insecurities can come in all forms and this was mine. I used to be made fun of because I had huge lips. People would compare it to various other images that made me cry myself to sleep in the night. But back in 2016, I had heard Kylie Jenner had gotten her lips done to make it fuller and that’s when I regained my confidence back. I would tell myself, these bullies are just jealous that they don’t have fuller lips like I do. And that’s how my journey began.


Along the way, I had learnt a couple lot of tips to try and make my lips look good because my whole life was centered around this part of my body and hence I now know a thing or two!

How to take care of your lips

  1. Do not over exfoliatethe skin on your lips are way way more sensitive than the skin on your face. Do not over exfoliate. This is very bad to your lips as it can make it rough and cause scars.
  2. Use lip maskslip masks are very juicy and hydrating. They restore the moisture in your lips making them look healthy and plump! But make sure you always use the right kind or any natural ones work just fine.
  3. Do not peel your lipsthe tendency that causes you to peel your lips is because of the lack of moisture in it due to which we tend to lick them. This causes them to look chapped and the skin starts to dry. The best prevention to this is to make your lips hydrated using lip balms. They create a shield and prevent them from getting oxidised.
  4. Always stay hydratedthe lower the water content in your body, the more chapped your lips appear. Always stay hydrated. Make sure you drink lots of water and carry a vaseline or any lip balm along with you.
  5. Avoid scented lip balms- balms which contain perfume in them can cause your lips to dry faster. Use products that have natural ingredients in them such as the fruity ones. Always make sure you use a reliable brand too!

And that’s it! I have swore by these techniques and they have never failed to make my lips look healthy and beautiful.

At the end of the day all I would love to convey is that it doesn’t matter if you have big or small lips. You are beautiful no matter what. Don’t point out flaws about others, you never know what they might be going through and what battles they could be fighting within. Try to be as much as much as kind and affectionate you could be after all, everyone wishes for love and happiness in this world!


Until then,


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