Thank You 2020

For most people out here I believe the whole process of lockdown and quarantine bought the most toughest times along with it. It wasn’t any different for me either. I knew being alone and having nobody to talk to all the time would for sure bring down my mental health. As well as looking at the horrific incidents it brought along with it just made it worser. During those times, engaging myself with something was very important. I could not imagine just staying idle and staring at the ceiling for hours.

That’s how I came up with blogging and oh my god it had just opened up another door for me to reach out. I remember looking at another fellow blogger’s account day and night wondering how could I do this too. It did take me a lot of time figuring out how to start a website and adding pretty widgets to it. It sure was tough in the beginning but worth it in the end.

Never did I ever imagine in 2019 that this platform I am writing upon would be mine and that I would achieve 500 likes over here. It never bought more satisfaction. With over 175 followers in just half a year was truly mind blowing to me considering the fact that I did not think anyone would read what I write. So thank you so much you guys. Every little one of your comment and message matters to a lot to me. And most importantly the 2 collabs with 2 of my favourite bloggers was a little part of my dream to achieve is such a short time.

Considering all of the above my personal life was not as joyful and filled with butterflies the whole time. I had to experience losing a loved one to covid. It was so hard I still find it difficult to come to terms that she is really gone. Everyday she appears somewhere in my thoughts and making it difficult to seem to let go of her. I also had to learn to let go of some people who shared a huge part of my life in the previous year. Sounds very cliché I know but it was true and something I battled with through most of the year. Having them talk to you everyday and giving up on them all of a sudden was not easy. It really did teach me to not to let everyone walk into your life as a whole and to just keep your circle tight as you grow cause in the end the ones who truly love you, make it with you.

So thank you 2020. For teaching me to grow, to be grateful of the ones around you and with what you have and most importantly, helping me start this blog which I don’t think I would have in another 10 years. Rather than ranting about the lows you gave me in life, I would appreciate what you taught me instead. I am not gonna hope or wish for anything this year rather than to take life one step at a time. 🤍

Until then


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  1. it really is mind blowing how our lives can change throughout the course of a year. in 2019, i was free from every issue that a normal teen faced, i was happy, and in 2020, i learned a lot of stuff, I adopted healthy living. I became more grateful, I had an entirely new lifestyle, and I was happy, but in a different way. and now one year later, i’m here again, embarked on a new journey, just like you once did. i’m so happy that you started a blog and that you have over 500 likes, you deserve every single one of them, cheers!

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    1. Hi there! I am not even kidding, but I loved your comment so much I literally had no words as to what to say back. I really wish I could pin it cause this is my favorite one I have received till now. 2019 was honestly such a carefree year. Life really did change in the following year. Thank you so much for your kind words. I wish you nothing but all the best on your journey. Praying we all get through this year happily😊🤍


  2. I honestly agree with you! Lockdown was hard, but it really allowed me to focus on my blog and know how much I loved blogging!! Great post😊 I’d love it if you could check out my blog too! ❤️

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  3. Yess this is a nice positive post about 2020 compared to some other ones! I definitely think 2020 has given me so much time to focus on the things I love which I am quite grateful for. And congrats on nearly 200 followers now! That’s so cool 💛

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