Skin Care Routine

Hey guys! Welcome back to simplelittlethings! I know I’ve been MIA for a while but I’m back now and I’ll be sticking around for way longer than last time. I promise🤍

I’ve decided to blog about my skin care routine because to be fair enough, I’ve actually been blessed with really good skin and have never had to fight against really bad acne throughout my journey till now. So I hope that these tips that I tell you, help you as well.

I have actually never stuck religiously to my routine (hey we all have days where we just don’t want to) but when ever I do, I make sure I take my time and do it as elaborate as possible. So without further delay, let’s get started!

Routine steps:

1. Wash your face– I know you’ve probably read this like in every blog known on earth but trust me guys, wash your face. I don’t remember a day when I haven’t washed my face after coming back from school which to this day has helped. You can use a cleanser which is not too harsh on your skin for this purpose.

2. Exfoliate- I wouldn’t recommend doing this step everyday to those who have sensitive skin but if you do, try at least twice a week. Personally, I consider this step the most important. Exfoliating helps remove all of those clogged pores and just plain clean your skin that any other step cannot do as a whole. Always use a really good and mild exfoliator for everyday purpose cause you don’t want the product to disturb the elasticity of your skin.

3. Face packs– I actually love face packs more than masks but both work just fine. I usually use ones that contain more amount of fruit such as apples or papayas and leave it on for about 5 minutes.

4. Toner– After washing my face I use a toner to really tighten my skin and just leave it feeling fresh.

5. Moisturize– This is actually the final step in my skin care routine. I always apply a moisturizer because some of the products along your routine can make your skin feel stripped and moisturiser really helps. I also mix a drop of sunscreen in my moisturiser. Never leave your house without your sunscreen even if there is no sun. The radiations can really affect your skin leaving it damaged in the long run.

Tips and Tricks

Never forget to continue all the steps till your neck. Neck is a part of the body that most people neglect in their skin care routine. Your neck and your hands can tell your age so always make sure you at least apply your moisturizer and your sunscreen to your neck as well! Incase you’d like to know more skin care tips, check out my post about it here!

I have not mentioned the products that I use because everybody has a different skin type. Or I’ll just make a different post about it. Do let me know incase you’d love to read that as well🤍

Do you have a skin care routine as well? What is your favourite step?

Until then


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