Product Review- Mcaffeine Moisturiser+ Freebies!

Hey guys! Welcome to my first ever product review! I decided to go ahead and start with something simple that is my new found favourite moisturiser.

To be honest I was never a fan of lathering my face with liquids as I had the most oily skin but at the same time the most dry skin as well. So I would always be afraid to put anything on my face fearing that very uncomfortable feeling that oiliness gives out. All of this was until I started to use this particular moisturiser, and oh my god what a game changer was it.

Product review

I now use the Mcaffeine face moisturiser with a flavour of coffee that also contains vitamin E and almond milk in it. This is the ideal cream for those who have combination skin types. It really helps in maintaining the right balance between the perfect amount of moisture so that your skin doesn’t feel dry as well as doesn’t make your skin feel oily and uncomfortable.

It leaves your face feeling fresh throughout the whole day. I’ve used moisturisers that become sticky by the end of the day but this one does not. It is very long lasting such that if I apply just once, it lasts the whole day. Your skin feels very hydrated and supple after use. This cream is literally the coffee that your skin need every morning. It is ideal for both summers and winters.

Ethics and Ingredients-

I am very invested into clean beauty and also very concerned about what I put on my face as well. But mCaffeine is vegan and cruelty free as well. They do not carry out any of their testing on animals which is really great to hear. They are also certified by PETA

The vitamin E in it helps repair, nourish and protect the skin from damage which I have personally experienced as I was visibly able to see my acne scars reduce.

The almond milk makes you skin supple and hydrated. It also contains a rich aroma of coffee which is just heavenly.

The product also comes with freebies including body scrubs as well as one for the face! I honestly think that this was a really good investment and will surely go for it in the future as well!

What’s your favourite moisturiser? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. My daughter has oily skin! And I guess Mcaffeine Moisturiser can help her. But I am not sure. But thanks for sharing πŸ’“πŸŽ‰


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