How to get fuller lips naturally

Last year, I had started this blog having the goal that no matter what kind of tips and tricks I will put out here, my main aim would always be about enhancing your own beauty. So this is how I came up with a few ideas about how to get fuller looking lips by embracing the one that you already have.

Growing up I never really knew why people would go around get surgeries done trying to get their lips look bigger. I have always wanted smaller lips and envied people who had one. Sounds crazy right? But no, insecurities come in all shapes and sizes and this was mine.

But instead, let’s get back into the topic and learn how we could achieve this naturally and in a less painful way 😉

1. Lip Liners- lip liners to be honest are your biggest best friend in this case. Always make sure you overline your lips with the shade that exactly matches with the colour of the lipstick that you will be wearing. Or if you don’t really want people to notice that you are wearing one, overline your lips with the exact same shade that matches with the colour of your lips.

2. Sugar Scrubs- not only do they exfoliate your lips, sugar scrubs can help nourish, make your lips pink and help make them look fuller. Here’s a simple diy sugar scrub recipie that I swear by and you can make from scratch (low key tastes amazing as well!) :

  • Take a tablespoon of white granulated sugar in a bowl and add two table spoons of honey to it. Mix the two of them really well and store it in a small container. Use as and when required.
  • I would really suggest you to apply this paste onto your lips and wash it off right before you moisturise them and then go ahead with your favourite lipstick.
Source: tumblr

And that’s all you guys! In the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you have really tiny lips or even if you have gotten them done as well. Do what makes you happy the most and just love yourself. You’ve got only one life right?

Hope you enjoyed reading it and do comment your thoughts down below🤍

Until then,


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